Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana

Post Graduate Department of Rasashastra & Bhaisajyakalpana deals with preparation and standardization of medicines. Classical Ayurvedic medicines are prepared with metals and medicinal herbs. Department is ornamented with charts, models, specimens & books. Department is headed by Dr Ravi Chawan with Dr.Sulochana Rathod, Dr Lakshmi Kurle & Dr Usha M as Faculty


  • P.G. dept of Rasashastra has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception.
  • In this 24 years having attended a certain maturity the dept has grown steadily and compulsively with vision to strive for excellence.
  • Every academic year 7 P.G scholars from across Karnataka perceive there pg education here, through P.G CET.
  • The dept has been imparting quality education and generating highly competent physicians with high degree of credibility, integrity and ethical standards.


Books are foremost among the library reading material collection in order to meet the academic and intellectual needs of the students to whet their appetite of more knowledge, to satisfy their curiosity, to enable the student too have full mastery of subjects they are studying the library over the year has resulted in a good collection of books.

Types of books:
No of books related to Rasashastra and Ayurveda-389
No of books related to modern science-124
No of journals subscirbed-07


  • Developmental in technology have made changes on educational environments and excreted new approaches to application in learning teaching attitudes
  • Students become learner and his/ her role is going to be active thinker rather than passive listener, while teacher becomes guide to lead learner to relevant information needs and expectations of students than help them to find and use knowledge of information.
  • A separate audio visual room with LCD Projector and poly vision touch screen , 5hp tft computers audio system with microphone and amplifier etc is available along with continues net connection.
  • PG scholars are making use of the following facilities for their academic needs viz departmental seminars, discussions etc.

Objectives and scopes to train students as specialized personal in the field of rasashastra.

  • To train them to indentify, collect and process raw materials used in preparation of ayurvedic drugs and formulations.
  • To be an expert in manufacturing of classical ayurvedic formulations mainly Bhasmas, Kupipakwas, parpatis etc.
  • To control and maintain the quality drugs. Intended to train the students mainly for meeting their requirements for dissertation purpose.

Museum and Analytical Laborartry

  • The museum house informative charts, various models(yantra and mushas),pertaining to rasashastra and sampels of various rasa dravays including those of dissertation works.on the other hand the laborartory has been designed for board based research activity related to quality control and standardisation aspects of rasadravyas.
  • The P.G Scholars have been making use of laborartory for drug analysis and for qualitative estimation and for technical understanding of pharmaceutical chemistry.

Various bhasmas prepared in PG Dept of Rasashastra including dissertation works

  • Kaseesa Bhasma
  • Yashada Bhasma
  • Tuthha Bhasma
  • Tankana Bhasma
  • Malla Bhasma
  • Naga Bhasma
  • Haratala Bhasma
  • Rajata Bhasma
  • Shukthi Bhasma
  • Shankha Bhasma
  • Varatika Bhasma
  • Pittala Bhasma
  • Vanga Bhasma
  • Trivanga Bhasma
  • Mukta Bhasma
  • Swarnamakshika Bhasma
  • Vimala Bhasma
  • Manikya Bhasma

Kupi Pakwa Rasayanas :

  • Vangeswara rasa
  • Shila Sindoora
  • Swarna Vanga
  • Malla Sindoora
  • Sameer pannag Rasa
  • Rasa sindoora – Dweeguna & Triguna
  • Rasa Manikya
  • Tamreswara Rasa
  • Rasapuspa
  • Rasa karpoora
  • Manikya Rasa
  • Hatakhakya Rasa
  • Rajata Sindoora
  • Surya shekhara rasa
  • Swarna sindoora
  • Vanga sindoora
  • Tamra sindoora.

Rasa Parpati


  • Malla Garbha Pottali
  • Shila Garbha Pottali
  • Taala Garbha Pottali


  • Talakesvara rasa
  • Hamsa pottali rasa
  • Unamada gaja kesari rasa
  • Kamadugha Rasa
  • maha jwarankusha rasa
  • Kaphaketu rasa
  • shothari rasa
  • swarna bhairava rasa
  • Rama bana rasa
  • Maha setu rasa
  • Amavatari rasa
  • Arogyavardini vati etc

College Address

Taranath Govt.Ayurvedic
Medical College
Dr.Rajkumar Road



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