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The Principal,

Taranath Govt, Ayurvedic Fledical College, Ananthpura Isoud, Bellamy-,

Ko rnataka

Mob: 9945313635

L-mail: prinei}ialtganic*


'B’ R Doc k, GPO Complex. 311 .TW.T., -110 023

IN/\, her     'ellai-110 023

/hated:  •2é .(lh.2019

Sub: Grant of Conditional Permission to the ‘ l“aranath Gevt. Ayurvedie Medical College, Anaiithpura ltoad,, Kariiat•ika" w itli 60 seats in UG (llAñ4S)  course and  25  PG scats in 04 PC• course namely (i) Itasn Sastra eva in Bhaisujya Kalpnna-07 seats, (ii) Knyacliikits:i-07 seats, (iii) I anchakiirinn-07 seats ,aetl (iv) Shalya Tantra-1)4 seaCx under section 13.4/IJC of the UCC Aef, 1970- rug.


1 am directed to refer to thc  ministry's  order  No.R.170  1/41/2fl I 8-EP  (141- 1)  & R.130 11/27!2(117-L P (UI-1) anJ R. 14011 ' 18/2017-EP (U4- I ) lated 04.05.20 1 S related to aJrnission matter for the year 2U 18-19 intimating certain shortconi ings for rectification for consideration ot illc case for the aca‹lcmic year 2019-20.


  1. The CCf I had carried out In inspection of the institution on ?4-25 t14 20 l9 to reassess the available facilities of teach ink and practical training as well as to vcrit’y the compi iance submitted Ivy the college and forw arded its recommendations and report to the Ministry. On examining the same, in the teriiis of Regulation 3 of the “Indian bJcdicine C.entral C.ouncil (Requirement of Minimum Standard for undcrgraduate Aytirve‹la Colleges and atiachetl Hospitais) Regulations. 1.6,lMCC Post Graduate Ayurveda ltegiiletions,201 ñ, provisit›n un‹ler IMC C' act, 1 970. relev'ant f0gttlatioii made thCrc tinrler and as per :ipproved as per approved Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs), it is found that the Co Here is fulfill in ¿c notified and approved criieririn ior granting cnndititinal permission tire UG (B:\MS) courst and Pte cotir.see.


  1. It has, therefore, been decided by ttic Central Ciovernment to grunt C?oriilitional Permission to the “Taranath Govt. Ayurvedic Medical College, .‹nanthpura  Roatl,  Bellury,  Karnataka" with 60 seats in UG (li AMS) course  and 25 PG seals iii  04 PG  c‹›ursc  namely (i) Rasa  Sastra ex aim Bliaisajya Kalpana-07 seats, (ii)  Kayachikitsa-07 seats,  (iii} Patitliakarma-fl7 seats ,and (i›*) Shalya Tantra-04 seats for tic academic scssien 20l 9-?0 under Section I 3C/I3A  of the lktLC Aot, T
  2. It is urtbet informed that l5‘/» of under¿craduatc seats and l5‘zt of post graduate scats ot the permitted intakc capacity of f›0 US ,seats and 25 Pf i seats shall be treated as oil India quota. The counseling for seats under all India quotas sJfiall be conducted by the Central Government and counseling for the restraining 85% seats shrill be conducted by tic concerned Counxelinj Authority of that If any seats are not fillcd up in the Central Counseling, the same sliaJI be transit:rrcd to ihC Sald Counseling Authority to admit students as per their rules/ rcserv'uiion p‹ licies*n‹›rms. The per+nissian i›f the callege stents withdrawn if r/te college fails to c‹impIy with Ilte feair«f eouftselitig fi›r yIl India qui›ta or the sluJyiils urfmiffc I tlit'reiindc'r.

  1. Discrepancies, it’ any, may lie immediately brought to the notice tit CCU ‹md the Central


  1. The following re‹juirernents should be fiillllled try the college by " I " Decettibct, *019 to get pcrii\ission for t1›c session 2020-2 I :

(i} all the fLcquirc netzts c1 h1iniin‹m1 Stmndard ot‘ Mizsfrtfcturc and tcaching training facilitics as specified in IteguJation  3  of’  the  'Indian  ñJedicine  C’entritl  Council (Reqii irement› of kJinimuin Standard for utider-graduate Ayurved C •s s and attached Hospitals) Re ti1ati‹ins, 2016.

(ij) }} j )e tgq t it-t•yept'; ti5 I 5e Ind j;fi J'vJeijicine C?cntr;tl C?tiunci I (M iii iitiuili Stan‹Jards of

EJuc2tion ifi Indian Medicine) ,\ineiidiiicn1 Regulations, 2P16 (ter .Ayiirxetl).

  • all the requirements of the Indian N4ediciJie Central Council (Post GraJuatc Ayutved E‹lU€ation) Reg1lJi11i(JE1Sy 201.6, And
  • all the re9uirenaerits under the provisions of the I MCI .Act, I P70 and relevant Regulations made thcreunder should be ttil filled in
  1. JJt (t;JJi|ln tpt oJ the coodititins given above may be made v ithin the timie period specified and compliance report should be submitted by the college to CCIk4 under intimation to tlii.s Ministry. The CCIM will vcrifv that the conditions have been I uJ filled by means of an inspection 3pd 3q it q t9p rt along w itli its assessment in this iiiatter t‹a the Minixtq of AY IJSH for considering the permission matter train the academic session 2020-21.
  2. "I’M is issued with the approval of Competent Authority.

(Sliiela Tirhey) Untler iiecretarj’ to €ioverninent of Intlia

Ph. No.: 011-2J651976

 PDF.No.I. 14t1l4/232/2019-El'-1

 Cotry to:

i, J4ie Secretai‘y, C:C IM, 61 -65 Institutional .Area. Opp. ’ D’ Black. Janakpuri, Delhi-110 l)58 for iiFt‹naWo» Uh ‹equert to conduct .‹ »O rloñ, inspecWon uf the coMegc afer 3)” December, TO19 to verii) the compliance sriblnittcJ bi the college in terms of the provisions undcr thc IMC t. .4c1, relevant ' °6° lati‹ii1s ñfld tlotirs of the CCIM and shall submit the

recommendations and  inspection  report lo the  k4 iiiistry of  A YtiSH  by  the end  of March,

2020 positively, so that the iijatter with regard to grant of (Permission morn the academic session 2020-21 rna} be considered well betore the start of next academic session.

The Principal I Icalth Secretary, Ciovernnicnt ot Katnstaka,  109,  Miiltistoried Building- II1, I3angalore-56(l01l1, Karnataka ior information and necessary tactics.


Bangalore-56004 1, Karnataka tor iniotniation and necessary action.


{nder Gecrt¥uy’toGuicrnmentofIudiz

College Address

Taranath Govt.Ayurvedic
Medical College
Dr.Rajkumar Road



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